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Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Advances in preparation and applications of Biochar and its compo-sites Abstract   PDF
hong-hong Lu
Online First An Analyses of Schottky Structure with Lead Monoxide Layer Abstract   PDF
Sema BO, Ugur G
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Carbon nanotubes/PolyanilineCompositePreparation and electro-chemical energy storage performance Abstract   PDF
Jiankang Chen
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Development of Geopolymer and geopolymer-based composites Abstract   PDF
dechang Jia
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Development status and challenge of advanced resin matrix composites Abstract   PDF
Package Shiliying
Online First Effect of Nano-particles on Energy Release Rate in Mode I Fracture Using Corrected Beam Theory Abstract   PDF
P Ghabezi
Online First Enhancement of photoelectrocatalysis efficiency of carbon nanotubes doped with TiO2 nanostructures applied on pesticide degradation Abstract   PDF
Ivana C
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) Expanded graphite / Polyaniline / F & O4 Composite Abstract   PDF
Lung Chang
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Experimental and analytic analysis of the structure parameters On process-induced distortions of v-shaped composite part Abstract   PDF
qian Wang
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Fabrication and properties of Polypylene matrix composites rein-forced by Abstract   PDF
Yaowen chao
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Graphene oxide composite Research Status and Progress Abstract   PDF
senhua Lu
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Graphene/Research progress of polyurethane composites Abstract   PDF
Ying chang
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Influence of graphene oxide on mechanical properties Abstract   PDF
yiwu Yan
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) lignin / structure and performance of polylactic acid composites Abstract   PDF
zhipeng Zhou
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) lignocellulose/Nano-montmorillonite composite for waste water Cu(II)adsorption and desorption Abstract   PDF
Zhangxiao tao
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Load PVDF nylon Non-woven fabric intercalation carbon fiber / Epoxy resin composite Abstract   PDF
Delong He
Vol 7, No 1: (In Publishing) Mesoscale Computational Prediction of Lightweight, Thermally Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites Containing Graphene-Wrapped Hollow Particle Fillers Abstract   PDF
Jian-Jun Wang, Zhong-Hui Shen, Wen-Ying Zhou, Yang Shen, Ce-Wen Nan, Qing Wang, Long-Qing Chen
Online First Microstructure and performances of ITO film prepared by ion beam sputtering Abstract   PDF
Ping C
Online First Nd2Fe14B an intermetallic compound study from ab initio approach using incorporating spin-polarization Abstract   PDF
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Non-continuous particle-reinforced titanium matrix composites Abstract   PDF
yuafei Han
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) Nonlinear resistivity and Charge transport characteristics of Sir/sic composites Abstract   PDF
zhuoran Yang
Vol 7, No 1: (In Publishing) Optical & Morphological Properties of Zinc Sulphide-Strontium Chloride Doped Polymer Nanocomposites Abstract   PDF
Shalini Singh, Bhawana Baghel, Priyambada Sharma, Tarun Kumar Singh, Gautam Jaiswar
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Performance and decomposition behavior of hydromagnesite Mg (OH) 2 Synergistic polyethylene flame Retardant composites Abstract   PDF
jie Hejun
Online First Post-seismic effectiveness of the strengthening work carried out with FRP applied to historical masonry buildings: the case study of the Spoleto Cathedral Abstract   PDF
Vol 7, No 1: (In Publishing) Post-seismic effectiveness of the strengthening work carried out with FRP applied to historical masonry buildings: the case study of the Spoleto Cathedral Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Grazzini, Stefano Agnetti
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