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Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Advances in preparation and applications of Biochar and its compo-sites Abstract   PDF
hong-hong Lu
Online First An Analyses of Schottky Structure with Lead Monoxide Layer Abstract   PDF
Sema BO, Ugur G
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Carbon nanotubes/PolyanilineCompositePreparation and electro-chemical energy storage performance Abstract   PDF
Jiankang Chen
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Development of Geopolymer and geopolymer-based composites Abstract   PDF
dechang Jia
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Development status and challenge of advanced resin matrix composites Abstract   PDF
Package Shiliying
Online First Effect of Nano-particles on Energy Release Rate in Mode I Fracture Using Corrected Beam Theory Abstract   PDF
P Ghabezi
Online First Enhancement of photoelectrocatalysis efficiency of carbon nanotubes doped with TiO2 nanostructures applied on pesticide degradation Abstract   PDF
Ivana C
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) Expanded graphite / Polyaniline / F & O4 Composite Abstract   PDF
Lung Chang
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Experimental and analytic analysis of the structure parameters On process-induced distortions of v-shaped composite part Abstract   PDF
qian Wang
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Fabrication and properties of Polypylene matrix composites rein-forced by Abstract   PDF
Yaowen chao
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Graphene oxide composite Research Status and Progress Abstract   PDF
senhua Lu
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Graphene/Research progress of polyurethane composites Abstract   PDF
Ying chang
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Influence of graphene oxide on mechanical properties Abstract   PDF
yiwu Yan
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) lignin / structure and performance of polylactic acid composites Abstract   PDF
zhipeng Zhou
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) lignocellulose/Nano-montmorillonite composite for waste water Cu(II)adsorption and desorption Abstract   PDF
Zhangxiao tao
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Load PVDF nylon Non-woven fabric intercalation carbon fiber / Epoxy resin composite Abstract   PDF
Delong He
Vol 7, No 1: (In Publishing) Mesoscale Computational Prediction of Lightweight, Thermally Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites Containing Graphene-Wrapped Hollow Particle Fillers Abstract   PDF
Jian-Jun Wang, Zhong-Hui Shen, Wen-Ying Zhou, Yang Shen, Ce-Wen Nan, Qing Wang, Long-Qing Chen
Online First Microstructure and performances of ITO film prepared by ion beam sputtering Abstract   PDF
Ping C
Online First Nd2Fe14B an intermetallic compound study from ab initio approach using incorporating spin-polarization Abstract   PDF
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Non-continuous particle-reinforced titanium matrix composites Abstract   PDF
yuafei Han
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) Nonlinear resistivity and Charge transport characteristics of Sir/sic composites Abstract   PDF
zhuoran Yang
Vol 7, No 1: (In Publishing) Optical & Morphological Properties of Zinc Sulphide-Strontium Chloride Doped Polymer Nanocomposites Abstract   PDF
Shalini Singh, Bhawana Baghel, Priyambada Sharma, Tarun Kumar Singh, Gautam Jaiswar
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Performance and decomposition behavior of hydromagnesite Mg (OH) 2 Synergistic polyethylene flame Retardant composites Abstract   PDF
jie Hejun
Online First Post-seismic effectiveness of the strengthening work carried out with FRP applied to historical masonry buildings: the case study of the Spoleto Cathedral Abstract   PDF
Vol 7, No 1: (In Publishing) Post-seismic effectiveness of the strengthening work carried out with FRP applied to historical masonry buildings: the case study of the Spoleto Cathedral Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Grazzini, Stefano Agnetti
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Preparation and application of iron-based composite materials for the removal of antimony from aqueous solution* Abstract
Kunlun Yang
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Preparation and application of iron-based composite materials for the removal of antimony from aqueous solution* Abstract   PDF
Jiasheng Zhou
Vol 7, No 1: (In Publishing) Preparation and characterization of magnetic graphene oxide nanocomposite (GO-Fe3O4) for removal of strontium and cesium from aqueous solutions Abstract   PDF
Sule Aytas, Sabriye Yusan, Senol Sert, Cem Gok
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Preparation and dye adsorbing properties of Fe 3O4 carbon/graphene oxide composites. Abstract   PDF
ri-liang Wu
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Preparation and mechanical properties of particle-reinforced alumi-num matrix composites Abstract   PDF
Shi yang
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Preparation and supercapacitive performance of three-dimensional Abstract   PDF
Wangjian de
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Preparation Methods and developing Trends of Nan 0 -al203 reinforced Abstract   PDF
hao Pan
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Progress of cellulose-based Biomedical functional compositescellulose-based Functional composites exhibit the functional characteristics, such as light, electric, magnetic func-tionsand catalytic properties, which have been widely applied in pulping and papermaking, fine chemical, tissue en-gineering, BIOmedical and other fields.cellulose-based biomedical composites are typical cellulose materials, com-bining the advantages of both biomass and biomaTerials, which have potential applications in bone repair and re-placement, tissue engineering, drug delivery, Gene CarrieR, protein adsorption, and other fields.In this review, we in-troduced three synthetic methods to composites including hydrothermal (Solvothermal) method, MicrowAve method and ultrasonic method, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of preparation,reviewed the progress of cellulose-based materials, and systematically summarized cellulose-based biomedical compOsites such as Cellulose/hydroxyapatite, Cellulose/calcium carbonate, and Cellulose/ag composites.Based on our experience, we pointed out the problems and future development of cellulose-based BiomedicalItes.It is expected to provide reference for the resourceful, functional, high-value, and recycling applications of biomass.In the future, it is desired to develop the manufacturing strategy for large-scale synthesis of cellulose-basedComposites, explore its synthetic mechanism, and reveal the intrinsic relationship the among, cellulose functionalIALs, methods and properties.It is so known that cellulose is difficult to dissolve in water or organic solvents under normal conditions because of tHe intra-and in-ter-molecular hydrogen bonds.Therefore, the development of suitable solvent for dissolving of cellulose is ofMproving their industrial applications. More recently, the cellulose Nanocrystal has received attentions to its due excellent.It is suggested this cellu-lose-based functional composites can be fabricated by using cellulose as matrix.Furthermore, rapid progresses are an-ticipated in the preparation of various-cellulose-based multifunctional composites including efficient antibacterial, flame retardant, waterproof, fireproof, adsorptive, anti-counterfeiting, RapidDetective and analytical functions. Abstract   PDF
Maming guo
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) Progress on photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants by Abstract   PDF
fang Liu
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) Progress on Preparation and supercapacitance Abstract   PDF
zhao-xia Hou
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Reparation and properties of ceramifiable ethylene propylene diene monomer Abstract   PDF
liangdian Liu
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Research progress on health monitoring technology of composite mate-rial connection structure Abstract   PDF
yi First Wang
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Synthesis and properties of phenolic modified enzymatic hydrolysis Lignin-epoxy Resin/epoxy resin Composites Abstract   PDF
fang Wang
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) Wave-absorbing Structural Ceramic Matrix Composites Abstract   PDF
laifei Cheng
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